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OCUM Alerts vs Auto-Grow


I am considering a configuration change as follows:


Set FlexVols to auto-grow at 90%

Set OCUM Alert for Volume Almost Full to 92%

Set OCUM Alert for Volume Full to 95%


This keeps OCUM from alerting until the auto-grow feature has reached its Max Autosize limit and I know that when OCUM triggers an alert that its time to investigate.


As we have it setup now...


FlexVols auto-grow at 98%

OCUM alerts for Volume Almost Full to 90%

OCUM alerts for Volume Full to 95%


So we're seeing alerts before autogrow has a chance to do its job... e-mail "white noise" at best.


My questions for the group:

Is my proposed configuration above a wise approach or does it set me up for something bad down the line?

Have you found a more practical configuration to balance auto-grow with volume capacity alerting?


I plan to resize those volumes that are already at/above 90% prior to modifying the volumes - rather than change the threshold and have Ontap resize the first time.


Thank you for any replies!




Re: OCUM Alerts vs Auto-Grow


Hi Greg,


That seems like a reasonable approach to me however it really depends on the rate of change in your environment.

One solution you might consider is to have an OCUM alarm which can have a script attached to it where you can call a WFA workflow that will automatically increase the volume size when an OCUM event is generated.


I'd use volume auto-grow as the default method to increase your flexvol size and the above method as a catch all fail safe method for rapidly expanding volumes.

As long as you are monitoring your aggregate capacity to ensure suffient space is available as the volumes increase.



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Re: OCUM Alerts vs Auto-Grow




Seems reasonable, however be aware of some wonky behavior in OCUM 6.x/7.x that is not documented anywhere. Alert thresholds are based on potential size of the volume, while the actual threshold when autogrow kicks off is based on actual percentages. See the thread below for more:

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