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OCUM Core 5.2.1 : needs enough memory support ?





i'm sorry, I would like to take this blog to ask the next update software (OnCommand Unified Manager Core 5.2.1) needs enough memory support ?



i'm here update OnCommand Unified Manager Core,There is an error message:


Jul 07 11:00:48 [dfmmonitor:DEBUG]: [28052:0x42e2f940]: Error: Unable to allocate memory for monitoring dfmon: api.

Jul 07 11:48:06 [dfmsqlc:ERROR]: [12743:0x2b1d91a796a0]: Dbvalid process returned error: 2


can you give me the answer?

very thanks


Re: OCUM Core 5.2.1 : needs enough memory support ?




In order to make sure you know what error code is returned from the controller at that point of time and eliminate any memory related problems, you could try performing the
following steps:

1) Enable xml logging ---->  dfm options set xmllogenabled=yes
2) Run a dfm host discover against the controller.
3) Check for the 'xml' trace.log for that controller, check for the 'perf-object-get-instances-iter-start'
zapi and verify for the response from the controller.

You would need to run these steps when you hit the issue. So that you can correlate the logs with the timestamp the zapi was issued.



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Re: OCUM Core 5.2.1 : needs enough memory support ?




          i'm sorry, I can't  see option on the dfm server and Data ONTAP system


cli>dfm option list xmllogenabled
Error: There is no xmllogenabled option.

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