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OCUM Pivot tables in reports


It's possible that I'm overlooking the obvious hence this post.  I'm having issues with reports in OCUM.  I usually have to pivot the data I'm able to get out of custom reports for the final management report.  


I've tried several approaches and nothing seems to work.  Here's what I've tried:

1.  dynamic columns in MYSQL query..  base on this blog: , but BIRT doesn't seem to support it.  The SQL code works in MYSQL workbench but not in BIRT.  I've gotten a static version of this code to work bu my issue is that the annotations can change from report to report.  I need the columns dynamic to prevent manual effort



2.  crosstab reports in BIRT..  good in BIRT but doesn't import into OCUM... 




Essentially this is what I'm trying to accomplish is historical growth of volumes in that have been annotated by department:


                   dept1_annotation                             dept2_annotation                      ....

timeDate1   sum(volsize of annotated vols)        sum(volsize of annotated vols)   ....

timeDate2   sum(volsize of annotated vols)        sum(volsize of annotated vols)   ....

...                ...                                                      ...

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