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OCUM-Report - Where can I find the LIF-IP-Address?



I would like to create a BIRT report that shows the IP addresses of the individual LIFs. Unfortunately, I cannot find the table containing the IP address in the Data Source.

Does anyone know which table contains the IP address?

Thank you.
Many greetings



Re: OCUM-Report - Where can I find the LIF-IP-Address?


Hi, Michael,


The way to find out the IP address of a single LIF is




However, you will not be able to export this information by creating a report from the UI.


The Performance/LIFs page supports generating report, but it does not display the IPs.


One other more complex way is by creating a Database user, then export the information from the Database. Let me know if you would like to go that route, so we can provide more details.





Re: OCUM-Report - Where can I find the LIF-IP-Address?


Hello, Julia,

thank you for your answer. But I didn't want to look at the IP in OCUM, I wanted to have all IPs of all systems displayed via an BIRT-OCUM report. In the meantime I have also found a solution - but perhaps there are others:

The standard data base / table for creating your own reports is probably ocum_report. For this, a database user with the role "Report Schema" is required in OCUM. Unfortunately, I didn't find a table/view that contains the IP address.

On my search I found that when installing OCUM (7.2.) the following MySQL databases and tables are also installed:

- information_schema
- close
- management
- mysql
- netapp_model
- netapp_model_view
- netapp_performance
- ocum
- ocum_data_collector
- ocum_report
- ocum_report_birt
- ocum_view
- opm
- performance_schema
- sanscreen
- scale monitor
- sys

Unfortunately, I cannot access the other databases / tables with the above-mentioned user - in BIRT. By chance, I discovered that a WFA(Workflow Automation)-database-user with the role "Report Schema" can access the following tables:

- network_lif. address
- netapp_performance
- ocum_data_collector
- ocum_view
- opm  

And here I find finally  in the netapp_model_view >> network_lif the network_lif. address I'm looking for!  Hooray.

Perhaps my comments will help other people who have similar problems. But maybe someone also knows a simpler solution.

It would also be interesting to know how - with which user (except Mysql root) - access to the other databases / tables would be possible.


Best regards


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Re: OCUM-Report - Where can I find the LIF-IP-Address?


Sorry, a little correction:

The WFA database user requires the role "Integration Schema" and the tables are:

netapp_model_view (not network_lif. address) - netapp_model_view (not network_lif. address)
- netapp_performance
- ocum_view
- opm

In my pleasure, I have made a mistake. 🙂




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