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OCUM autosupport vs DOT autosupport


Hi all,

I cannot find information or accurate description of the kind of data we can get from the asup sent by OCUM...

& what would be the difference with with the asup sent directly by the FAS.

my first idea would be that the OCUM ASUP sends data regarding:

- dataset

- policies

- ressource groups

- scripts

but nothing directly linked to the HW or the SW (DOT & cDOT)

can you confirm that?

next, in order to access the results via the MyASUP page, we just need to use the DFM Server serial number, right?

thanks for your help


Re: OCUM autosupport vs DOT autosupport


Hi Yves,

     OCUM asup and DOT asup are totally different. In case of OCUM ASUP we bascially sent the output of dfm diag  and few more data and nothing related to DOT.

Where in case of DOT, ASUP one will send, the entire log folder and other data.

In Fact AFAIK, OCUM asup is not linked with MyASUP. Hope this helps.



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Re: OCUM autosupport vs DOT autosupport



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