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OCUM keep alerting about insufficient snapshot space even if volume has no snapshot space


Hi there,


I got a problem with OnCommand Unified Manager that only affect some volumes. I got a DOT 9.3 cluster with 4 SVMs. From these 4, 2 SVM's have volumes that OCUM keeps alerting me that there's "Insufficient Space for Snapshot Copies". I tried to tweak the thresholds, tried to make these volume have 10% free snapshot reserve space, tried to keep these volumes with NO snapshot space, still OCUM alerts me about these same volumes about that same error.


I even tried to make OCUM recollect data from the Cluster by removing the Cluster from OCUM and adding it again, still giving me the same error to these same volumes. That makes OCUM worthless to me. If I don't find a solution, I'm going one last try: reinstall the OCUM VM from the OVA file.



Please do not travel the "Start from scratch" path (deploy new VM from OVA) - You will lose all historical data.


Open a case withe tecnical support to determine why UM is reporting "Insufficient Space for Snapshot Copies". 


Good advice. Gonna open right not.



Try to exclude those resources from alert list.