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OCUM virtual appliance backup fails?


Hi All,


We recently upgraded a OCUM virtual appliance from version 7.1 to version 7.2P1.


I notice that there seems to be some problem with the scheduled backup job in OCUM. The Web UI shows that it fails because there is not enough disk space. When I look on the system itself, I see the following messages in ocum-error.log:

2017-11-04 01:47:25,156 ERROR [oncommand] [taskScheduler-4] [Backup|ScheduleBackup] [c.n.d.i.backup.BackupRestoreManager] Error while taking incremental backup. Exit code is 1. Reason: mysqlbinlog: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.
2017-11-04 01:47:25,315 ERROR [oncommand] [taskScheduler-4] [Backup|ScheduleBackup] [c.n.d.i.backup.BackupRestoreManager] Incremental Backup Failed. Reason Failed to create database backup using mysql utility.
2017-11-04 01:48:37,410 ERROR [oncommand] [taskScheduler-4] [Backup|ScheduleBackup] [c.n.d.i.backup.BackupRestoreManager] Not enough space to carry out backup operation
2017-11-04 01:49:39,180 ERROR [oncommand] [taskScheduler-4] [Backup|ScheduleBackup] [c.n.d.impl.backup.BackupScheduleJob] Error while creating the backup

The systems /data fielsystem has 55GB free (48% Used). It seems to me that should be enough space for at least a couple of database backups.


The existing backup files in /data/ocum-backup look like this:

8.1M    /data/ocum-backup/UM_7.1P1_backup_unix_08-27-2017-01-03.7z
8.3M    /data/ocum-backup/UM_7.1P1_backup_unix_09-03-2017-01-03.7z
8.5M    /data/ocum-backup/UM_7.1P1_backup_unix_09-10-2017-01-03.7z
8.8M    /data/ocum-backup/UM_7.1P1_backup_unix_09-17-2017-01-03.7z
9.0M    /data/ocum-backup/UM_7.1P1_backup_unix_09-21-2017-10-04.7z
18G     /data/ocum-backup/UM_7.2P1_backup_unix6390741292408362900
74M     /data/ocum-backup/UM_7.2P1_backup_unix_09-23-2017-01-03.7z
943M    /data/ocum-backup/UM_7.2P1_backup_unix_09-30-2017-01-03.7z
1.8G    /data/ocum-backup/UM_7.2P1_backup_unix_10-07-2017-01-03.7z
3.9G    /data/ocum-backup/UM_7.2P1_backup_unix_10-28-2017-01-03.7z


Currently the database itself (/data/mysql) is using a total of 20GB.


Does the system really need over 50GB to store a backup? Previous backups seem to be a lot smaller (those from version 7.1 infeasibly so).


Or is the cause of the problem that mysql is returning exit code 1 along with that security warning about using the password on the command line?