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OSSV change NDMP password


After installing OSSV 3.0.1 I cannot find a way to input a new or change the existing. NDMP password. is there a way to do this?

If you have to re-install OSSV what files and folders should be backed up to save the config for snapvault relationships?

Many Thanks



Re: OSSV change NDMP password


Here’s how to change the NDMP password:

  1. Open up the Command prompt (on Windows) or Terminal (on Unix) ie. OSSV Host.
  2. Navigate to install_dir/bin folder.
  3. Run svpassword.
  4. You will be prompted for a new password. Enter the password.
  5. Restart the OSSV service on the host.


[/]$ cd /usr/snapvault/bin  [/usr/snapvault/bin]$ ./svpassword  Password: <Enter the password here>  Password changed  

Here is the link for more information

Hope it will help.


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Re: OSSV change NDMP password


Thank you. very helpful.

any idea on what data needs to be backed up if OSSV is reinstalled for any reason. Need to keep the snpavault relationships


Re: OSSV change NDMP password



The OSSV database for a particular relationship can also be restored if needed. It would be in root of destination qtree of NetApp filer.


Restore the

.OSSV_DATABASE_BACKUP file from the root of the destination qtree to a file in any temporary location on the OSSV host. For example:


<install_dir>\bin\snapvault restore –S fas1:/vol/backups/ossv1/.OSSV_DATABASE_BACKUP C:\temp\database


The OSSV service running on the host will automatically recognize this as a database restore and complete the operations to put the recovered database in place.


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