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Object with ID XXXXX not found - DB inconsistent?




for several month now I see an event in my OCUM 6.3 indicating all ISLs in my MetroCluster configuration being down.


As this is a demo environment the MetroCluster is violated very often to show different faiilure scenarios and setups.


Due to those many reconfigurations I have the impression OCUM did not pick up one of the ISL reconfigurations, although rediscovery of the clusters has been performed more than once since.


I see the following event:




And when I try to resolve it I get the following error:




Can somebody please help me to clean this up?


I'd like to avoid deleting the clusters from OCUM in order to keep the history and I'm not confident deleting the clusters would actually delete this event as the relatione between the event and the MetroCluster objects seems already been broken.


Thanks and kind regards, Niels



Are there any news on this topic? I have a customer with the same problem.



You must have the role of OnCommand Administrator to delete alerts. Click Administration > Alerts > On the Manage Alerts page, select the alerts that you want to delete and click Delete. >Click Yes to confirm the delete request.

Refer page 90 Deleting Alerts on the link

You can also disable the event. refer page 99 on the above link.

If this post resolved your issue, help others by selecting ACCEPT AS SOLUTION or adding a KUDO.


Hi Sahana,


I am logged in as Administrator and it's not an alert I want to clear/delete, it's an event.

I also don't want to disable this event as I need to be alerted once it re-appears, I just want to clear/resolve it.

The problem does not exist anymore in the environment but the event in OCUM cannot be cleared.


I have the impression that the DB is corrupted in some way as the error message clearly states

"Object with ID XXXXXXXX not found" when I click on "resolve".


I need someone to help me figure out where this inconsistency comes from and resolve it.


Kind regards, Niels

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