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Obtaining OCUM 5.2.2


In our environment, we had OCUM 6.2 installed for awhile, but it was tripping a number of security vulnerabilities related to SSLv3, right? We uninstalled it, mostly because we weren't really using it anyway, and we had bigger fish to fry re: security vulnerabilities. That's the context.


The reality now is that we are looking to disable SSLv3 on the filers, and enable FIPS 140-2 encryption. My research has shown that installing OCUM version 5.2.2 will allow for communication over TLS, so I'm all about installing that.


Here's the question, and maybe it's kind of a stupid one: where in the world do I download it? Going through the NetApp support site prompts me to a site where I can download 6.2 only, which isn't what I need. Where have you legends and heroes been downloading 5.2.2?




Re: Obtaining OCUM 5.2.2

To download specific version, go support site > Software > Download, set software name and version at bottom of page(To access a specific [software list] version, enter it here:[version]), and click "Go!".
BTW, I could not find such version. By any chance, you mean 5.2P2, right?
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