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On-Command Unified Manager apache config file?



i installed On-Command Unified Manager and the apache service doesn't start up beacuse of the following error:

Syntax error on line 12 of C:/Program Files/NetApp/DataFabric Manager/DFM/conf/httpd.conf:

Invalid command '@@MODULES_BEGIN@@', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

If i take a look in the config file of apache it has several variables beginning with @@

Do i have to fill in this myself or does On-Command misses a file with variables?


Any help would be great!




Re: On-Command Unified Manager apache config file?


First of all i had installed version 5.0.2 running, i now installed 5.1. This didn't solve the problem. I found out that WebUI was not starting because of the value in the file jetty-service. I reduced this to 768 and managed to start WebUI. But i think that is where it also fails by the installation, WebUI had to be started before apache can start and i believe at that moment apache is also configured. I copied an apache.conf from another installation and replaced it on my server. After that i also managed to start apache and could login into the On-Command Unified Manager.

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