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OnCommand 5.1 Jobs failing with Job Terminated abnormally



We have 2  failed jobs on Oct 10 like this,

Both of them are terminated immediately while they were kicking off at that moment. On file DFMScheduler.log it logs the errors below,

Oct 10 18:01:02 [DFMScheduler:ERROR]: [3012:0x570]: Process 11792 failed to start job 73091 which was scheduled to start at 10 Oct 18:00 AUS Eastern Daylight Time.

Oct 10 18:01:02 [DFMScheduler:ERROR]: [3012:0x570]: Process 10740 failed to start job 73092 which was scheduled to start at 10 Oct 18:00 AUS Eastern Daylight Time.

This is output from command line "dfpm job detail",

PS C:\Users\sabliu>  dfpm job detail  73092

Job Id:                    73092

Job State:                 completed

Job Description:           Back up data from node Primary data to node Backup of dataset ds090 (939) with daily retentio


Job Type:                  remote_backup

Job Status:                failure

Bytes Transferred:         0

Dataset Name:              ds090

Dataset Id:                939

Object Name:               ds090

Object Id:                 939

Policy Name:               OSSV Daily Backup

Policy Id:                 638

Started Timestamp:         10 Oct 2012 18:01:02

Abort Requested Timestamp:

Completed Timestamp:       10 Oct 2012 18:01:02

Submitted By:              DFMScheduler

Destination Node Id:       2

Destination Node Name:     Backup

Source Node Id:            1

Source Node Name:          Primary data

Job progress messages:

Event Id:      1261019

Event Status:  error

Event Type:    job-progress

Job Id:        73092

Timestamp:     10 Oct 2012 18:01:02


Error Message: Job terminated abnormally : Failed to start.

Event Id:      1261022

Event Status:  error

Event Type:    job-end

Job Id:        73092

Timestamp:     10 Oct 2012 18:01:02


Error Message:

No more details is given through that command. Any ideas we can do? Thanks.

I found a similar thread but it doesn't help a lot.



Hi Brian,

     If I remember correctly, your OCUM server is running on Windows ? I think you may be a victim of bug 551560. Pls contact NetApp Global Support.

BTW during this schedule job how many concurrent protection jobs are in progress ?  What is the CPU and Memory Configuration of your OCUM server ?




Thanks Adai. It is for windows and we only found 95 concurrent jobs at that moment, including the failed 2. The server is actually virtualised one with 4 core-in-1 3GHz Xeon CPU -  and 16GB of memory.


Hi Brian,

     Some windows memory heap size needs to be modified to avoid such job termination. Contact the support they should help you change this value.



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