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OnCommand 6.0 - Snapshots table empty is database?


Hi All,

I've come across a problem while attempting to add Snapshot support into WFA 2.1 for cDOT in my environment. The Database entries in OnCommand 6.0 for Snapshots appear to be empty, and when a query is done from the GUI, the cluster is directly queried, rather than being cached in the database as the schema would suggest.

Has anyone done this before? Or is there a hidden setting I need to set to collect this information? (Multiple installs of OnCommand and multiple different clusters all show same behavior, other tables are populated).

Running "SELECT * FROM netapp_model_view.snapshot;" gives empty results, and I would prefer not to have to create a powershell data source to query the cluster directly if possible.


- Michael.



Hi Michael,

     Did you check if OCUM 6.0 support snapshot monitoring in the first place ? Or is it a discovery problem.




Hey Adai,

You're right, It looks like it doesn't officially support it! Snapshot information is available in the UI, and the database view to return snapshots is there (but empty), but it would seem it wasn't officially supported in 6.0.

I've checked the 6.1 Beta and it looks like Volume Snapshot monitoring enhancements are listed in 6.1 to close this gap. I'm trying to get my hands on the beta at the moment to confirm this. We'll need WFA/OCUM and SnapProtect versions that all work with each other, so I may need to create a WFA powershell-based collector for other missing information anyway.

If you can help me get a hold of the beta so we can trial our options that would be greatly appreciated!

I'm also interested in if the CIFS ACL's are supported, which it appears they were in 7-mode but are not in OCUM 6.0 yet either.


- Michael.


Hi Mike,

     IIRC, the cifs thing is part of OCUM 6.1 as well. I suggest you reach out to the Product Manager to get access to 6.1 BETA as well as details on other questions.



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