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OnCommand Balance proxy discovery of VMs at 0?


I was able to get a proxy installed and the service is running with an account that should have access to other machines, however it's been at 0 monitored devices for a while now and it doesn't seem to be performing a discovery correctly. I don't really see anything I can adjust or try other than the "rediscover selected" button, which as far as I can tell rediscovers the proxy itself and not telling it to discover other machines on the network.


How do I get the proxy to discover other machines, or is that not it's intended function? If not, what is it supposed to do exactly? I haven't been able to find much documentation on this topic, at least not to the level of detail I am hoping for.


Re: OnCommand Balance proxy discovery of VMs at 0?


So I figured it out. Once you have the proxy in place you don't touch that part any more. After that's been set up, under Discovery -> vCenters Servers (provided you have this configured already), click on the link below Unmonitored Guests. From there, select which VMs you want to add, and specify credentials on the right. That's basically it. You can kind of poke around and see where else you may need to configure.

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