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OnCommand Core - Custom Report (history performance) events



Is it possible to generate a custom report as it shown here:


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Sev.     Event     Triggered (descending)     Ack'ed By     Ack'ed     Deleted By     Deleted     Source

Normal     perf:VOLUME_READ_LATENCY:normal     13 Aug 14:57                             Clustered Volume vnsa1344:/vol2_HGM

Normal     perf:VOLUME_OTHER_LATENCY:normal     13 Aug 14:54                             Clustered Volume vnsa2146:/vol3_VRA

Normal     perf:VOLUME_WRITE_LATENCY:normal     13 Aug 14:54                             Clustered Volume vnsa2146:/vol3_VRA

Normal     perf:VOLUME_READ_LATENCY:normal     13 Aug 14:54                             Clustered Volume vnsa2146:/vol3_VRA

Error     perf:VOLUME_READ_LATENCY:breached     13 Aug 14:51                             Clustered Volume vnsa1344:/vol2_HGM

Ther I need to have additional columns (Condition, About) within the event. So it should be possible to export this for further analytics.

From the event:

About      Status of counters: volume:nfs_read_ops, volume:nfs_read_latency


Condition      The following counter value(s) have breached the specified threshold(s): Current value of counter volume:nfs_read_ops is 214.7 per_sec, which is higher than the threshold value of 50 per_sec. Current value of counter volume:nfs_read_latency is 10188.4 microsec, which is higher than the threshold value of 10000 microsec.

Best wishes,



Re: OnCommand Core - Custom Report (history performance) events


Hi Mark,

        Unfortunately, there is no way today in OC, to include the condition as a column in the Events reporting, which is  fair ask but there is a work around. If you are running OC 5.0 or later, you can access the events database view and do exporting and other stuff.

For more details on how to access the dfm db views refer to the following TR.

TR 3690 - Access to DataFabric Manager and Performance Advisor Data Using Database Access and Data Export

To access some of the important doc/whitepapers/TR related to OC UM pls refer the following post.

OnCommand(DFM) and its related Technical Reports

But again there you may not be able to get the condition directly. Below is the actual event. Which I am taking as an example

[root@vmlnx ~]# dfm report view events-warning | grep -i 1743

Error    1743     Clock Skewed                                               18 Jul 14:03                        130       f3240-208-145

The event condition is  as below

[root@vmlnx ~]# dfm event detail 1743 | grep -i condition

eventCondition                     Clock on host f3240-208-145(130) is behind management station by 4368 seconds


This is how the condition is stored in the db using arguments which the eventView exposes as well.

[root@vmlnx208-161 ~]#  "SELECT eventArguments FROM eventView where eventId=1743" | more



[root@vmlnx208-161 ~]#

The actual/pretty condition, in the event detail is constructed dynamically from the code. There is already a bug623749 requesting to expose this condition in a human readable format so that the eventViews are useful.

Can you pls add your customers case to this bug ?

BTW the database schemas for the views that are exposed are documented in two places, namely.

OnCommand Console help

  • Help>Contents>Reports>Database Schema

Operations Manager Console help.

  • Control Center> Help >General Help>Database Schema    Under this you will find the following 3
  1. Database schema for DataFabric Manager non-historic data
  2. Database schema for DataFabric Manager historic data
  3. Relationship among fields of various database views



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