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OnCommand Core Package 5.2.0 & System Manager 3.1.0 consuming CPU resources from Windows Servers


- Hello,


Do you know if is normal the OnCommand tool consuming all resources from CPU ? 


It is 100% all time, when stop the OnCommand the CPU decrease to below 5% utilization.


The server is Windows 2008 R2 Standard, Service Pack 1, Intel Xeon 2.67GHZ, Mem 12 Gb, System type 64-bit.


I have 2 servers at different location(US and Netherland), monitoring different filers.



I appreciate any comment.


Thank you !

Rodrigo Suzuki




Adding more information...


The server with issue is a VM server, called USMDL, was added resource to the server, but did not work. The CPU still HIGH.


I have another VM server(called NLTNZ) running the same OnCommand version, System Manager version and, it is normal, the CPU is not too HIGH.It has the same processos, memory quantity, the same operating system, same service pack, so on.


At the NLTNZ server, I have the program Parity 9 at the version 7.0.1 and it is normal, the behaviour is good. At the server USMDL, with issues this program has the version, so I upgraded the program Parity 9 from to new code version 7.2.0, but this did not resolved, also with this program disabled, the CPU still HIGH.


Any comments, I appreciate.


Thank you !