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OnCommand Host Agent fails to assign controller


Hi there

We have an installation with OnCommand 5.1 and Host Agent 1.2 installed on our vSphere server.

We have two primary controllers which we have been able to register correctly, and backups work.

We also want to add our secondary controller in order to be able to restore from our backups.

When we try to associate the controller with the Host Service it starts a job, which finishes correctly, and for a short while the controller is places along-side the two other controllers in the window below the host service.

But it is soon removed again, with no errors to report...

We have gone though the DFM settings and verified that the controller is registered OK, and also on the vSphere VSC we have checkked and everything looks golden...

Have we missed something here ?

Is there a hidden log which may lead us to the root cause of this ?

Kind regards,

Heino Walther


Re: OnCommand Host Agent fails to assign controller



Sounds like you might need to enable the licensed_feature.multistore.enable option on the controllers.


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