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OnCommand Host Package gone forever?


Still working in a 7mode environment so using OC Host/Core on Windows Server is what we are running. A new inititiave has us upgrading all servers to 2012R2. I have OC Core 5.2.1RC2 installed and working great. I tried adding the OC Host package and that's not working so great. I have 1.3RC1 installed but its giving me " No Plugins found for Host Service" errors on discovery. Looking at the support matrix VMware 5.5 or Windows Server 2012 are not supported. I was wondering if I missed an EOL announcement or there is a version I couldn't find that has been updated. Does NetApp plan to release a new version if there isn't one already for us poor souls stuck on 7mode for the foreseeable future?


Re: OnCommand Host Package gone forever?




OnCommand Unified Manager Host Package 1.3 is compatible with OnCommand Unified Manager Core Package 5.2 only.
Do not use oncommand host package with 5.2.1 that is also not supported.



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Re: OnCommand Host Package gone forever?


I get that it's not supported on much of anything current my question is will it ever be updated to actually work or is this another case of 7mode being left behind without any real notice about it?

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