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OnCommand Insight Report - Performance Information?



Does the data warehouse present information about performance at all?  In the OnCommand 5 core package reports, there is the option to pull stats in report format for objects like LUNs (ops, latency, etc).

However I do not see performance objects when using the query designer in Insight report.  Thanks!



In OnCommand Report 1.0 version, inventory and capacity related information is acquired from OnCommand unified manager or Data Fabric Manager servers. Performance related information is not acquired in this version. This could be available in later releases.


I am looking to start a conversation with the engineering team that might be involved in expanding Insight Report to also display the Performance Advisor data.  I am working with a team which is developing Operational Transformation Consulting offerings.  We would very much like to discuss the timetable for this sort of offering, and perhaps even help with the cost justification and customer value proposition work that would help justify the work.  Do you have a point of contact?



Could you provide information about roadmap?

Many thanks


Up until this most recent release the performance data was not housed within a database at all, but a directory of flat files.  It has now been integrated, but no data model exists within Insight Report.  I am also very interested in seeing the roadmap for a data model that allows for the reporting of the performance elements.


Hi Matthew,

    Sridevi Tallapragada is the dev manager for the product and Arun Raman is the Product manager. Please get in touch with them.




Adding historical performance reporting capabilities to OnCommand Insight Reprort would be greatly appreciated.   Right now, I can get some historical performance data from each of the following tools:

1.  CLI on DFM Server

2.  The Reports Tab in the OnCommand 5 Console

3.  The Reports sub-menu from within Operations Manager

4.  Performance Advisor

5.  OnCommand Insight Report

6.  OnCommand Insight Assure, Perform, Plan*

*we don't own a license for OnCommand Insight Assure, Perform Plan so I cant speak to its capabilities.

Each of these options has its pluses and minuses.    Perhaps I am missing something, but it seems like none of these options are as robust as I'd like them to be. 

Performance Advisor allows for the creation of Views which can be used to view historical performance data extending back to a user defined date.  That is excellent.  My customers would love to see the type of data I can see via Performance Advisor Views however I dont see a good way to share it with them.   Ideally, I'd be able to export this information to a file share somewhere or share it via a website.   That is when I thought Oncommand Insight Report would be the answer.

After installing OnCommand Insight Report, I quickly discovered that 1) lacks the ability to report on performance data (which is huge) and 2) doesnt fully support HTTPS for many things.   OnCommand Insight Report offers the ability to share reports (that include nice graphics) via web browser with my customers which is great but, again, it lacks the ability to include performance data in the reports which many of my customers are looking for.  The search for a robust reporting tool continues.

I'd love to hear from other people in terms of how they are fulfilling their inventory, capacity and performance reporting needs without the use of OnComand Insight Assure, Perform and Plan.  Until then, I am going to continue searching for the best performance reporting solution using a mixture of the tools listed above. 

Hopefully I am missing something obvious and one of these tools will fulfill my needs!  🙂


I agree with MRJORDANG.  What is Netapp's Road Map for these management tools?  Will there ever be a single pane of glass for management?

Most of the reporting I provide comes from the old DFM reports or Perf Advisor, both of which are severely lacking in features.  All the newer tools seem to just rehash the inventory/capacity reports, which is all well and good, but what everyone REALLY wants is the performance data and more polished exported reports.

Netapp keeps coming out with more and more overlapping management tools, each adding some new piece of functionality, but none containing enough functionality to be able to replace any or all of the previous tools.  Our customers are getting more and more confused and frustrated on where to go to do what.  I had heard at one point that the OnCommand Console was supposed to start integrating DFM, System Manager, Perf Advisor, Protection Mgr, etc, but haven't seen any progress there yet   This new Reporting tool looks like yet another step away from that strategy.

It would be helpful to know what Netapp's direction is here.

- Chris