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OnCommand System Manager 7-Mode & Java Version support


We are working with a filer running 7-mode and managing it via OnCommand System Manager 3.1.3 which requires Java 8.  However, there are security issues with JRE8 and we are required to upgrade this to a supported version of JRE.


Are there plans to have OCSM 7-mode work with a later version of JRE, or is all development on OCSM discontinued?  If so, are there any other options people know of to be able to manage a 7-Mode system w/ OCSM.


My only other option going forward would be just straight CLI which would pose a technical learning curve for other admins of the system.


Any feedback/suggestions are welcomed.


Try to run jar file manually using this instructions in KB:


Actually as it turns out I am able to run OnCommand System Manager (v3.1.3) on my server with Java 10.0.1 & have seen no adverse reaction from the interface, but your suggestion of running the .jar file manually was the next step I was going to try as I recall having had issues in the past when I upgraded the JRE v8 version.


@steven_doan wrote:

"Actually as it turns out I am able to run OnCommand System Manager (v3.1.3) on my server with Java 10.0.1"

How have you got OnCommand working with Java 10? I'm still getting the "500 Connection Refused" error.

Java 10.0.2 x64 and OCSM 3.1.3 on Windows 10 1803


I need this working on my laptop really but OCSM doesn't seem to like any Java installation but version 8, update 131.

What version of Java you have to use instead?
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