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OnCommand System Manager with Windows 10


Hello everyone

Someone uses OnCommand System Manager with Windows 10?

When I try to open the icon it opens the Edge browser and does not work.

Any alternatives?

Thank you!


Re: OnCommand System Manager with Windows 10


Hello @Diogo,


You can change the browser that System Manager uses from the tools menu in the upper left corner.  Select Tools, then Options.  In the "Browser Path" option, I put "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" to use Chrome.  If you want to use Firefox or Safari, then enter the path for that browser.  Once changed, close the browser and restart System Manager (re-open it using the short cut or Start Menu).


If nothing comes up in Edge so that you can't even edit the options to change the browser used, then there is a bit of a System Manager and let Edge start (and fail to display anything).  Copy the link, something like "", and paste it into a different browser.  If it has an error about System Manager being open already then close Edge and refresh the page.  Then change the browser it uses.


Hope that helps.



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Re: OnCommand System Manager with Windows 10


thank you Andrew

The second option worked for me


Smiley Happy

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