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OnCommand WFA and Unified Mgr


Hi all;

If someone could offer a little difrection. Netapp site for me is impossable to navigate. 

Im am trying in vane to install and connect:

WFA v4. and Unified Manager 9.4 ova.

So I go to connect my WFA in Unified and it throws an error: 

Failed to save settings for OnCommand Workflow Automation.

Workflow Automation host cannot be paired with Unified Manager. Use a supported version of Workflow Automation software or install the correct version of "WFA pack for managing Clustered Data ONTAP" on the Workflow Automation server that is required for Unified Manager version 9.4


Wow...very frustrating. I already had to unistall this WFA once becasue of a MySQL mismatch, so this getting old fast. I searched for this 'pack' which I found and downloaded and its a ".dar "file. So how does this get installed? When I clicked on Documentation, I was taken to a page that displayed:

WFA pack for managing Clustered Data ONTAP-Help-1


Help 1 thru HELP 51. What are these files as its not documentation for what I apparently need for this install? This is not helping. 


If someonw could let me know how this WFA pack gets installed that would be great.


EDIT: Ok...I decided to try and IMPORT it and it worked. However, another error comes up.


"The DAR file contains entities that Netapp has not certified", this is a Netapp "pack" and its not certified? So am I supposed to proceed anyway??



2nd EDIT:


All good for now, Import works, just takes awhile so one must be patient. 


A bit of trial and error I guess. 




No answer required.

Could not find how to delete this post as I really don't need it anymore.








Re: OnCommand WFA and Unified Mgr


Hi Howard,


We are glad to know that issue is resolved. Please do reach out to NetApp Support in case of any issues.


Thanks & Regards,

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