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Oncommand Unified: How to keep restore history when change protection policy as of new contrl

DFM 5.2r1
Ontap 8.2.4P2
New controllers
using vfiler
Need to move all snapvault to new controllers.
dataSet: If changing protection policy by first select "none" and save , and edit again by pointing at new controller as of snapvault , all restore history of old snapvault will dispear.
dataSet: If manuel changing physical resources (snapvault) it will complain that it do not belong to this vfiler.

Is it possible to keep the restore history in the same dataset from old snapvault or do I need to create new dataset and just keep old dataset for restore.
Dont want to keep old controllers for one year for only restore access , so if snapmirror old snapvault vol to new controller , any chance to change the dataset to still use the restore feature ?
! vol will be move to new vfiler .. if moved


i checked many docs, it seems it is not impossible. but it'll be very complex. the thought is like SM each of ur backup to the new filer and take snapshot at new filer and repeat it on every backup you have. so i think maybe you'd better to consult with ur ps team about it?

hopefully helps