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Oncommand core

We have oncommand core 5.1 version in our environment. We are using NetApp 7 mode with 8.1.x and 8.2.x version. Can I upgrade to latest version with out any license cost ? We need to use operation manager for monitoring purpose

Re: Oncommand core


Hi Prateesh,


when you have 5.1 already running you already own the required license and it is installed.

You can just download the latest 5.2x binary and upgrade.


I recommend to use the latest P-Release 5.2.2P2


regards, Niels



Re: Oncommand core


And also be careful with UM 5.2.2P2 monitoinrg any ONTAP 7-Mode release prior to 8.2.5.  The download notes for 5.2.2P2 list a KB that describes how to avoid a communication problme from UM 5.2.2P2 to ONTAP 7-Mode releases prio to 8.2.5.

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