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Operations Manager 3.7 RPM Unavailable Alerts


Hello, we currently have an Alert configured within Opsmanager for ALL CRITICAL events.  We've seen within the last week or so several false alarms related to the RLM availability.

Not sure if this is related to this Bug....anyway I opened a ticket about it.  I'm wondering if anyone has a tip to get around this, maybe using the regular expression feature to disregard these critical events so false alarms don't get triggered.


Kevin Franey

EBSCO Publishing

Bug Detail

Bug ID261148
TitleAcronym "RPM" not understood in event "RPM Unavailable on"
Duplicate of
Bug Severity3 - Serious inconvenience
Bug StatusClosed
Bug TypeDFM Operations Manager
DataFabric Manager sent a critical event alert indicating that RPM is unavailable.
Event Details:
     Event          RPM Unavailable
     Source (or equivalent)
     Severity       Critical
     About          Online/Unavailable status of RPM card
     Condition      N/A
     Triggered      06 Sep 07:25
     Acknowledged   No

The user of DataFabric Manager is unaware of what the acronym "RPM" means.
Here "RPM" stands for "Remote Platform Management", and refers to the Remote
LAN Management or RLM card on the storage system.
RPM is the current term to cover all remote management modules, including RLM.



Here is a way to get around by changing the severity of the event.

By default

[root@lnx186-35 ~]# dfm eventtype list rpm-unavailable
Event Name                                         Severity     Class
-------------------------------------------------- ------------ ------------------
rpm-unavailable                               Critical     rpm.status
[root@lnx186-35 ~]#

The rpm-unavailable is critical event.

You can modify the severity using the following command.

[root@lnx186-35 ~]#  dfm eventType modify -v Information RPM-unavailable
Modified event "RPM-unavailable".

[root@lnx186-35 ~]#

Once modified

[root@lnx186-35 ~]# dfm eventtype list rpm-unavailable
Event Name                                         Severity     Class
-------------------------------------------------- ------------ ------------------
rpm-unavailable                               Information  rpm.status
[root@lnx186-35 ~]#

By this way you can circumvent the alarms you have configured for all critical events.




Hi Adaikkappan,

Thanks for the post , have couple of questions:

i need to know as currently our DFM monitors all the snapvault and snapmirror alerts. but now i want to disable these alerts from the DFM since its generationg more tickets . what is the best possibilty to disable thses events. AFAIK i made all the events as INFORMATION.

also many at times we see alerts "" Global Status Crtitical" but later we found that its an false alert. many times the same alert for the same filer gets repeated twice in 2 days or so.

let me know your thoughts on this. if you any idea on how to get rid of this.




What is the version of OCUM that you are running ? Is your alarms configured for repeat notification ?




Hi Adai,

referring to your suggestion i checked the repeat alarm notification is been enabled. need some suggestion as i had disabled the snapmirror & snapvault monitoring from the dfm options so as to stop all the events related to this. however i am not sure as why our ticketing tool is still generating these snapmirror and snapvault out-of-date events.

is there any other config i have to disable or monitoring itslef is enough to avoid these events.




am not sure if you let me know as how do we see if any alarm is set for repeat notification. since am new to DFM. also as said if disable the repeat notification then we would have only one ticket generated w.r.t to the alert . this would be easy for us to work on rather than multiple false alerts for the same issue gets generated in our ticketting tool.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

also if i off the monitoring interval for Snapvault and Snapmirror, then i wont be having any further alerts or errors ? the reason behing this is this SM & SV monitoring would be done by other team with some other tool. hence we need to get rid of this events from the DFM.

C:\Documents and Settings\rishikesh.boddu-a>dfm version

dfbm.exe (4.0D14)

dfdrm.exe (4.0D14)

dfpm.exe (4.0D14)

dfm.exe (4.0D14)

dfmcheck.exe (4.0D14)

dfmconfig.exe (4.0D14)

dfmconsole.exe (4.0D14)

dfmmonitor.exe (4.0D14)

dfmperf.exe (4.0D14)

dfmscheduler.exe (4.0D14)

dfmserver.exe (4.0D14)

dfmwatchdog.exe (4.0D14)

eventd.exe (4.0D14)

grapher.exe (4.0D14)


Thanks.  I found this on NOW also.  Just what I was looking for!


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