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Operations Manager not showing physical space/drives


When reviewing Operations Manager, I have a system not reporting physical disk space.  Well, it reports the spare disks only.

dfm report view disks filer only reports the spares also.

What can I look at to determine why the physical isn't showing up in dfm?





Hi Tom,

   What do you mean by physical disk? Are you looking for unassigned disk? If so dfm doesn't report on them.

You can also look at disks-all report.




Hi Adai,

     I'm referring to the Physical Space portion of the Operations Manager, Member Details, Physical Systems. There should be Data Disks, Parity Disks, and Spare Disks...all I'm getting is Spare Disks for a particular system. Storage Capacity section appears to be correct.

     From Operations Manager, Reports, All, Disks, Available Reports/All Disks, Resource of this particular system...only displays the spare disks.

     I'm approaching this from a reporting aspect, having to learn administration for good reporting. I'm not familiar with assigning. I assume the disks are assigned since there are aggregates, etc.

Pointers welcome. Thank you for responding.


From the command line, sysconfig -r gives correct information. How is dfm/Operations Manager getting the information?

I do get correct information with other systems...something about this one is different and has me stumped.




Hi Tom,

     I need some more details,

  1. Whats version and mode of OCUM
  2. What Version is of ONTAP is the controller running ?
  3. Can you give an example of screenshot for a controller that's working and one which isn't ?
  4. What kind of disk are those ? The ones which arent being reported ? Like type of disk, size etc ?
  5. what is the dfm host diag for the controller returning ?




Let's see what I can do:

     1) 5.1  7-mode

     2) 8.1.2  -- the only controller running that version...I wonder if this is the issue??

     3) no...a lot of editing.

     4) 827.7GB SATA

     5) Below is part of the result. I've removed hostname/ipaddress/etc. This is a readonly setup. The rsh/ssh is the same from the other working controllers.

Network Connectivity

IP Address             ipaddress 

Network                (discovery disabled) 

DNS Aliases            hostname

DNS Addresses          ipaddress 

SNMP Version in Use    SNMPv1 

SNMPv1                 Passed (79 ms) 

SNMP Community         something 

SNMP sysName           hostname

SNMP sysObjectID       . (Clustered Filer)

SNMP productId         1873813305 

SNMPv3                 Passed (1 ms) 

SNMPv3 Auth Protocol   MD5 

SNMPv3 Privacy Enabled No 

SNMPv3 Username        username 

SNMP sysName           hostname

SNMP sysObjectID       . (Clustered Filer)

SNMP productId         1873813305 

ICMP Echo              Passed (1 ms) 

HTTP                   Passed (0 ms) 

NDMP (login not set)   Skipped

RSH                    Permission denied, user does not have access to version 

SSH                    Permission denied, user does not have access to version 

RLM                    Skipped (hostRLMAddress is empty) 

XML (http port 80)     Passed (2 ms)

Host Details

According to:   DataFabric Manager server       Host

Host Name       hostname          hostname

System ID       id                     id

Model           FAS6280                        FAS6280

Type            Clustered Storage System       Clustered Storage System

OS Version      8.1.2 7-Mode                   8.1.2 7-Mode

Revisions       380,8.1.1,2.2.1                380,8.1.1,2.2.1

Monitoring timestamps

All Performance Advisor -- Passed.

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