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Other_ops in Perfomance Advisor


Hi All,

In Performance Advisor I'm getting a lot of other_ops for a NFS Volume.

Does anyone know what the other_ops are?  Are system-level ops included here for example dedupe?




Re: Other_ops in Perfomance Advisor


Hi Jeff,

As far as I know  these are not the system level counters, 'other_ops' includes some metadata information about file system attributes

like 'readdir,fsinfo, fsstat, getaddr,setaddr etc..' may required some application using NFS mounts.



Re: Other_ops in Perfomance Advisor


These are definitely not "system level".

NFS has several operation types that are not purely Reads or Writes.  Checks of last access time, or checks of attributes are recorded as an NFS "Other Op".  Some NFS workloads are very heavy in other type ops.

These ops are usually fairly light and have little impact on the overall system load.  For this reason its useful to separate them out from the read and write traffic.  In one situation at my customer site we had a FAS960 doing 25000-30000 NFS ops a second, which is an implausible number for that model of FAS appliance.  When looking more closely at the traffic, however, the vast majority of the operations were "other" ops.  The workload had a very high file count and the application was designed in such a way that many getaddr type operations were required.

You won't find "system" ops recorded under any of the protocol types.  If you are looking for operations that OnTap is using for its "under the covers" work like dedupe or block reclamation its likely you will need to run perfstat.

You can get a sense of whether the filer is running a lot of "under the covers" by looking at CPU load vis-a-vis the protocol workloads.  If there are very few CIFS/NFS/FCP/ISCSI operations a second, but the CPUs are very high, then perhaps you have a high load of backend work on the appliances.  Drawing that conclusion without running a perfstat would be conjecture though.

Re: Other_ops in Perfomance Advisor



I know this is a rather old post, but I have also a lot of other ops on a NFS volume. This volume is used for a FAST index server...

Are you really positive that these other ops are very light?



Re: Other_ops in Perfomance Advisor


I would like to know more.  Is there a TR doc that goes into these counters and what they mean?  I have Windows LUNs with many "other ops" shown and I always thought it was snapmirror traffic.


Re: Other_ops in Perfomance Advisor


Other option is to get the output from "stats explain counters" CLI on filers.

Re: Other_ops in Perfomance Advisor


Hi all,

That means, Does the "Other_ops" include only client I/Os ?
My customer want to know below,
Does "Total Ops/Sec" in Operations Mangers(not Performance Advisor!) about volumes shows IOPS form clients ?

I think that above "Total Ops/Sec" is same as "total_ops" of "Volume IOPs View" in Performance Advisor.
And I saw in my test environment,
SnapMirror had started and "Other_ops" in Performance Advisor was grown.
So, I think that the "Other_ops" includes except for clients access too.

Therefore, the "Total Ops/Sec" in Operations Manager(and "total_ops" in Performance Advisor) shows not only from clients I/O but also all I/O for the volume.

Is my thought wrong?

Thanks and Regards,


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