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Polling Snapshot Policies Directly From Cluster


IHAC that is using WFA 2.0.1 with OCUM 5.2 against ONTAP CDOT 8.2 Clusters.  While they have the ability to create a volume with a user-input snapshot policy, they would like to be able to have a WFA REST API Filter where they can check for existing Snapshot Policies (in WFA DB cache) on their clusters.

Since it seems like both OCUM 5.2 and 6.0 do not store Snapshot Policy information (and we can't wait for OCUM 6.1+) we will need to go straight to the clusters for this information (snapshot policy name only needed really...).

Has anyone done the legwork to utilize the clusters directly as data sources for something like this?  Any help on the powershell and custom schema necessary for this requirement is greatly appreciated!




Snapshot Policy information is in WFA 2.1 and I believe requires OCUM 6.0. An upgrade should be all you need to access the snapshot policy information and create customer filter/finders.

If you're looking for some examples that use the OCUM (6.0+) list of clusters and cache attributes, custom schema etc., I've also developed a Snapshot caching pack (I didn't include Snapshot Policy because its already cached), you can find it here:

Hope that's useful!

Kind Regards,


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