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Post all OneCollect questions here


Hi all OneCollect posters,


Please post your questions within the discussion board in this area -- just use the label 'OneCollect' when you start a discussion.


For more overview information, please take a look at the OneCollect information document



Thanks so much!
Terri Peluso
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Re: Post all OneCollect questions here


Is it possible to change the config for OneCollect and set a port other than 403?


403 is blocked at my companies firewall.



Re: Post all OneCollect questions here


Hi @MarcOliver,

     OneCollect uses 7443 port if run in https mode(hosted) or port 8044 if run in http. In either case, you have the option to edit the configuration to change port to be used and is documented in user guide. Steps below.

http port 8044:

1. Stop OneCollect process.

2. Edit the CONFIG file located at <user home directory>\NetApp\OneCollect\Config\ and change entry for port

    PORT = 8055   (or to desired port number).

3. Restart OneCollect process (or launch from shortcut). Access OneCollect with http://localhost:<new_port>


https port 7443:

1. Stop OneCollect process. Stop nginx process.

2. Edit nginx.conf located at <install directory>\NetApp\OneCollect\nginx\conf\.

3. When you find below section, replace the port for listen

 server {
        listen       7443;

4. Restart OneCollect process and access using https://localhost:<new_port>  OR https://<system IP address>:<new_port>


Let us know if you have any other queries.



Re: Post all OneCollect questions here


Thanks NithinR - I need to change the outgoing port to upload AutoSupports to NetApp from 403 not how to change the port of the instance of OneCollect running on an internal server.



Re: Post all OneCollect questions here


Hi @MarcOliver,

    One way is to configure a proxy for uploading autosupport. You could do this from Settings page in the UI and configure a proxy server.

     Other alternative  is to copy the ASUP bundles(.tgz) files from <user home directory>\OneCollectData\AsupFiles and upload them manually in the ActiveIQ.




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