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Problem with Naming convention on secondary storage when using PM


Hello all,

I have two questions regarding usage of Protection Manager in NMC 3.3.(dfpm 5.2.0). We are using PM for backing up Qtrees that are

used in a NFS environment. After some changes on the primary systems the PM behaves a little bit strange.

When I want to put a Volume/Qtree (that was formerly in another dataset) in a new dataset the PM ignores the naming convention

and want to establish the SV relationsship between the correct source and a wrong destination. e.g. the naming is configured to

put the "sv_" before the original volume name on the secondary but the PM uses a cmpletely different volumenname (which also exists on

the primary). So the primary volume "config" results in a secondary volume "sv_infobase" for example. Are there any db entries which I

can delete to initialise the correct relationship? PM shows no external relationships and all SV connections are already cleaned up.

Second question is about the naming of the secondary volumes. Although I thought I have cleaned up the dfm database some volumes

end with underscore number (e.g. _1). I tried to rename the volumes to the original name but this made the dataset not conformant and

rerun conformance results mostly in creating new volumes with an ending number.

any help is appreciated...

Thanks in advance




Same question here. My new secondary volume comes with a "_1" or "_2". I have deleted the volume and want a new volume without the underscore. Is there a solution for this ? Is this in the DFM database ?