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Problem with OnCommand 5.2, backup then mirror of VMware Objects



I have configured a VMware backup using storage services.

I used the backup then mirrror policies and attach it to a storage services.

I created a ressource pool for the backup destination and another for the mirror destination.

I also created a provisionning policy to provision a secondary volume for backup.

When i do a test conformance here is the result :

Provisioning a new flexible
volume (mirror destination) failed.


No physical resources exist, so Provision a
new flexible volume (mirror destination) of size 927350041kb
FAS02:/backup_vol_esx_ds1 into node 'fas01_ds1:Mirror' and then attempt to
create a mirror relationship.

Storage system : 'FASPRA02.abw.lan'(135): -
"Flex Clone" license is not installed on storage system

Suggestions related to storage system
'FASPRA02.abw.lan'(135): - Install "Flex Clone" license on storage system
'FASPRA02.abw.lan'(135) and refresh host information either by executing 'dfm
host discover' CLI or navigate to 'Hosts > Storage Systems' page in
Management Console and press 'Refresh' button.
I dont understand why i need a Flex Clone license... because i want to do a snapvault of my source volume and then mirror the snapvault volume to another site.
The snapvault backup is ok...
After this i have created manualy a snapmirror destination volume and have initialized it... but i cant import it to my dataset...when i go on the external relationship tab and clic on import my dataset isnt in the list, and OCUM don't detect this relationship automaticaly.
More details attached to this post.
Thank you.



Hi Yannick,

Page 70 of the OnCommand Unified Manager Provisioning and Data Protection Online Help For 7-Mode for Use with Core Package 5.2explains the need for this license:

This key is that you are using the Host Service to backup VMWare resources.

FlexClone license

The FlexClone license is necessary on storage systems that you intend to use as resources for secondary nodes for datasets of virtual objects.

Single file restore license

The Single file restore license is necessary on storage systems that you intend to use as primary storage for datasets of virtual objects.




Hello Kevin,

Thank you for the reply.

I have read this part today, but what I don't understand is why flexclone is needed if I want to mirror my backup to my secondary system using snapmirror ?

So if I have no flexclone license I have to create one job for the backup with storage services and one job (standard) to mirror my backup ?

I can't do this in one job ?

Isn't there a method to import my mirror relationship in this dataset after manually creation ? Using CLI ? When I try to import it I can't see my dataset.