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Problem with dfm graph in OC 5.2


We just noticed an issue with dfm graph cli command in oc 5.2

We use dfm graph cli heavily with powershell wrapped with it to get some metric numbers and noticed that in 5.2 this command returns no data

dfm graph -F csv cpu-1m filername

I've confirmed that this works 100% fine in our 5.1 environment.

Can someone confirm if they are seeing the issue on their end as well or maybe it's just our environment





      This is done for a reason. Pls check this Bugs online for the same.

If you wish you can turn on the cpu monitor as explained below.

Operations Manager console generates an event: "CPU Too Busy events" in the absence of any other issue


Operations Manager console generates many "CPU Too Busy" alerts when the CPU

utilization in the storage system reaches the threshold (configured using

option cpuTooBusyThreshold). High CPU utilization alerts may be considered as

normal in absence of other alerts, as during periods of low user I/O, CPU cycles

are used for background processes. In such cases, you must disable the CPU

monitoring feature to avoid generating "CPU Too Busy" events.

Enter the following command to disable the monitor:

#dfm option set cpumoninterval=off


CPU usage can be tracked through performance counters collected by Performance

Adviser. Use the CPU Utilization graph in "Storage System Summary View" to track

the CPU utilization trend.

From 5.2 the CPU monitor is disabled by default, the monitor can be enabled by

running following command:

# dfm option set cpumoninterval=



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