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Protection Manager ignoring Mirrored relationships


We are using protection manger to manage our Mirrored Relationships.

Everything has been working fine and now for some reason it's not working.

In "Jobs" I am getting this message:

There are no data protection relationships for connection 1 of dataset 965.

Please check the conformance status od the dataset.

(when I checked the conformance everything was fine)

I then went into the dataset and modified the protection policy to try run it manually.  And these is what it showed when it was going to run the changes.

Ignore the relationship(s) originated from these object(s): HQFiler1:/Exchange/ DRFiler1/Exchange_dataset_mirror

Action: ignore object(s) for dataset Exchange_dataset (932)

If I update the relationships from Ops manager and they run fine their..... SO the problems looks to be with Protection Manager.

Any info will be great


Re: Protection Manager ignoring Mirrored relationships



     I think your host HQFiler1 is ignored.

Go to the NetApp Management Console(NMC)->Data->Unprotected Data->Resources.

Then select the column "Ignored" Click on the down arrow and select the option 'All".

See if your host is Ignored as shown in the attached Screen shot, if so unignore it and run conformance, to confirm that you dont get the error you mentioned.



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Re: Protection Manager ignoring Mirrored relationships



We are trying to determine if Operations Manager can tell us if we have volumes that are "unprotected". i.e. no snapmirror relationship. I believe this is possible in Protection mgr. But, how about in Ops mgr?

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