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Prov Mangr Error: Could not get platform limits while fetching information for volume


Hi All,

I was facing this issue and was wondering if the experts can help me out.

Using Provisioning Manager 5.1 - running Snapvault backup job - job completes fine with Warning messages saying:

Could not get platform limits while fetching information for volume...
Could not get platform limits while fetching current information for volume
Could not get live vol usage from filer for...Resize not possible.

Referred to KB 2016414:

Controller is FAS3220 with OnTap 8.1.2 (7-Mode). DFM plugin for this installed  BUT still getting the error.

Ran DFPM RESLIMIT GET does not show neither information on FAS3220 nor on Ontap 8.1.2.

Can anyone help? I think since 3220 is the new platform, DFM does not have the information about it.

Is there a way to manually enter the information into DFM?

Thanks in advance.






Hi Kuber,

I am adding some info to educate what this error means and also clarify when plugins are required.

OCUM/DFM needs plugins only if configuration management feature is used. Using this you can pull/push options on the controller or a groups of controller/vFilers.

The error you are getting is related to the reslimits.

For Each platform model and ontap version we have a table with what is the maximum dedupe limit permitted on the controller.

If you are using a ONTAP version or model for which the dfpm reslimit get does not return any thing you will hit this error.

This error will also been if simulators are used as they have the model as SIMBOX and there is no reslimit entry for such a model.

You will have to run these two commands.

dfpm reslimit create <ontap-version> <product-model>

dfpm reslimit create 8.1.2 FAS3220

Created new resource limit (274)

If all the aggrs in this controllers are 64bit aggr use the below cli.

dfpm reslimit set  274 maxDedupeSizeInGB=55193.6

If they are 32 bit aggrs

dfpm reslimit set  274 maxDedupeSizeInGB=16384




Thanks for the information, Adai.

Can you please share as to where did you picked up the information for the MaxDedupe vol size? I always find it hard to find this kind of information.

Is it the Hardware universe? Or the Configuration Matrix? Or some other documents?

Thanks in advance!




Hi Kuber,

     I picked it up from Hardware Universe. But I think the De-duplication TR should also have it (TR 3505) but unfortunately I see it only updated till 8.0.1.



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