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Query related to SMIS refresh


We have following query for Netapp on  a SMIS server refresh  behavior :


For some operations in NetApp like Clone creation it takes quite sometimes (5 min) for the data to get reflected in CIM data structures . This is due to the behavior of NetApp SMIS provider, that it performs update minimum every 5 min


The NetApp SMIS provider guide mentions that :

"By default, SMI-S Provider automatically retrieves information from storage systems every five minutes (300 seconds). You can set the automatic cache refresh interval (CACHE_REFRESH_SEC environment variable) to a value from 300 through 86400 seconds (24 hours). "


(Section "Specifying the SMI-S Provider automatic cache refresh  interval" , page 32)


We need to refresh the SMIS storage systems information manually as required through code. Is there any CIM method available that we can do to refresh the cache?  We are aware of the command line operation "smis refresh" for doing the same but in our case it is not possible because SMIS server is running on different machine.  We need to perform the refresh operation using CIM method. Please let us know if this is possible.