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Questions related to OSSV secondary volume size



I am experimenting with OSSV and would like to have your thoughts on the following

Steps are as follows

  1. configured Host agent and OSSV on a windows 2008 Server
  2. Created a folder called logs and uploaded nearly 1MB of data
  3. added host in on command manager
  4. created a resource pool and added an aggregate from Netapp simulator (10 GB size)
  5. created a protection policy ( remote backup copied..)
  6. deployed protection policy but failed with the following Error

Attention: Provisioning a new flexible volume (backup secondary) failed.

I was able to fix this error message by following  the thread

But, I still have the following questions

  1. Why is this creating a >10 GB volume for a 1 MB source data
  2. Is there any setup option in operation manager to controll this

Thanks a lot

Once I completely set this up, I would write this as a blog as I don't see much entries related to these here.

Thanks a lot for your assistance



Re: Questions related to OSSV secondary volume size


I find the following discussion thread . I will check this and update my results here

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