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Quota Notifications


Hi Everybody


I have a question about the E-Mail Address Rules in OCUM to send Quota Alerts


I know you can use this to generate automatically User-Mail-Addresses like:


if $USER == 'jdoe*' then $

which will result in


But in our Domain the Username and Mail-Address are not the same. (User: jdoe / Mail:

Is it possible that we can do something like this


if $USER == 'nwa*' then $SURNAME.$

this should result in


Or is it possible to obtain the Address from the Active Directory?

I didn`t find anything like this

Does someone have a solution for that?


Thank you

Kind Regards



Re: Quota Notifications


Hi, i have the same problem. Any solution for this problem?

Re: Quota Notifications


Any solution to address this issue since in our infrastructure username is not same as email address. We would need email notification to be configured for each user. Would LDAP configuration help to pull the email address info from useraccounts since LDAP configuration is not enabled in our in enviornment. Any help is much appreciated. 

This is NetApp metrolcuster 7 Mode 8.2.3P6 and operation manager  5.2.1

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