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Looking for a release notes file explaing what commands the script is setting, creating, global parameters such IP6, Jumbo Frames. Does  it set CDP?





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Hi there,


Best thing to do if you’re curious is to read the RCF file - they are just the config files for the switch, but remember that in any case they are not negotiable - the whole reason for the dedicated isolated switches for clustering/metrocluster is to ensure the switches operate in a consistent fashion without the need to operate in consideration of the rest of your network.


Do not make any changes to the RCF config - all of our testing is done with RCF configs and you may not understand why we have made decisions we do in it. Your network team should not have access to the cluster switches unless they agree to this.

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I'm trying to find answers to the NSO-181 question  I just took. Can't seem to find them.  Such as.

You installed and applied the NetApp RCF on cluster interconnect switches. Which two statements are true.

Enables jumbo frames.

Enables IP6

Enables flow control set to recieve.

Enables CDP


Work for a NetApp partner


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Hello Bob_K did you find the answer to your question?

If so please share. I am also looking for this answer. 🙂


As far as I can tell the answer is A and B. I thought RCF files were netApp switches only. 

Please correct me if this is not right. 


Thank you. 

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From NetApp's Knowledge Base  "How to install or update the RCF file on a cDOT Cisco Cluster Switch" so I believe RCF files are for both NetApp and Cisco switches.  

NetApp Branded SwitchesNetApp has Rebranded Broadcom switches to be used as both Cluster and Management switches. The CN1610 is a 24-port switch that is used as a Cluster switch. The CN1601 is a 24-port switch used as a Management switch.

The Broadcom Switches call CDP, LLDP Link Layer Discovery Protocol. So I think the correct answer is Jumbo Frames & CDP. 

Re: RCF_File


Close - they're Broadcom trident based switches, but the switch isn't made by Broadcom

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