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REST Workflow Scheduling



I am initiating WFA workflows via REST and this is working great.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>



<userInputEntry key="Region" value="LAB"/>

<userInputEntry key="Rep" value="No"/>

<userInputEntry key="Backup" value="No"/>

<userInputEntry key="Email" value=""/>

<userInputEntry key="NARid" value="60028-1"/>

<userInputEntry key="Description" value="Portal"/>

<userInputEntry key="DFSpath" value="Lab-test"/>

<userInputEntry key="BISO" value=""/>

<userInputEntry key="CClist" value="0840867585:100"/>



However, I have noticed there is jobStatus field in the output



I presume I can submit the job as DELAYED and provide a PlannedExecutionTime - but can anyone supply me with the REST input/format to post this instruction to my workflow?



Re: REST Workflow Scheduling


For delayed execution of workflow following element can be added before </workflowInput>

<executionDateAndTime>07/11/14 08:14 PM</executionDateAndTime>

Here date format is "mm/dd/yy HH:MM AM/PM"

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Re: REST Workflow Scheduling


Thanks ranjeetr - this worked perfectly.

Re: REST Workflow Scheduling


When I am trying this format it gives error as 




Response Code: 400. Error executing workflow: Inv

alidInputException{Message: Got incorrect date and time format '"09/25/16 09:47
PM"'. Correct format 'M/d/yy h:mm a', for example: 9/3/16 9:47 PM, Cause: null}


So I think correct format should be M/d/yy h:mm a when there is only one digit in the date or time.

Re: REST Workflow Scheduling


It is solved. The format was not a problem. I put the date format in quotes. So it was not taking. Now I am able to schedule the workflow.

Re: REST Workflow Scheduling




Use the below doc and you would never have to worry about manually creating User-Input XML body for any workflow with any number of user-input of any type. It will get you your XML within seconds.


Since its code generated, the user mistakes like you were doing will all get eliminated. 


How to generate the User-Input XML Body for executing workflows via REST APIs: The Solution



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Re: REST Workflow Scheduling


Yes.. I had referred the REST API document link from Support Links in WFA. I got XML format from there for every REST API URL and successfully Scheduled the workflow using REST API of WFA.

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