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Reporting on Replication Data


Is there an Operations Manager report that shows how much data has been moved across the wire by a replication job over time?




You can use these reports to find out the amount of data moved during data protection jobs:

  dp-transfer-backup-individual DP Transfer Backup, Individual

  dp-transfer-backup-daily  DP Transfer Backup, Daily

  dp-transfer-backup-weekly DP Transfer Backup, Weekly

  dp-transfer-backup-monthly DP Transfer Backup, Monthly

  dp-transfer-backup-quarterly DP Transfer Backup, Quarterly

  dp-transfer-backup-yearly DP Transfer Backup, Yearly

  dp-transfer-mirror-individual DP Transfer Mirror, Individual

  dp-transfer-mirror-daily  DP Transfer Mirror, Daily

  dp-transfer-mirror-weekly DP Transfer Mirror, Weekly

  dp-transfer-mirror-monthly DP Transfer Mirror, Monthly

  dp-transfer-mirror-quarterly DP Transfer Mirror, Quarterly

  dp-transfer-mirror-yearly DP Transfer Mirror, Yearly

  dp-transfer-dataset-daily DP Transfer Dataset, Daily

  dp-transfer-dataset-weekly DP Transfer Dataset, Weekly

  dp-transfer-dataset-monthly DP Transfer Dataset, Monthly

  dp-transfer-dataset-quarterly DP Transfer Dataset, Quarterly

  dp-transfer-dataset-yearly DP Transfer Dataset, Yearly

DP Transfer Backup reports

The DP Transfer Backup reports provide information about data transfers during the backup operation. 

This table defines all fields in the DP Transfer Backup reports that DataFabric Manager server reports by default. 




Relationship ID

Database ID for a backup relationship

Source Name

Name of the source object

Destination Name

Name of the destination object


Indicates the start date and time of the data transfer

Bytes Transferred

Amount of data transferred in bytes

Transfer Rate/sec

The average transfer rate in kilobytes per second


The number of data transfers that occur during a period of time

Transfer Failures

The number of failed data transfers that occur during a period of time

Data Growth

Growth of data in bytes from a particular point of time


Duration of data transfer

Transfer Start

Start time of the data transfer

Transfer End

End time of the data transfer


Status of the data transfer job





Thanks for the help!  Unfortunately we are not using data protection via Ops Manager so this doesn't apply to us.  We configure SnapMirror jobs through snapmirror.conf.  Any other ideas?


Hi Thomas,

     As long as the source and destination controllers are monitored by Operations Manager and if the relationship is being listed then you will find it under the following report.


IIRC, starting version OCUm 5.2 we by default disabled the datatransfer log parsing, which you may have to enable.




We want the same info on how much data is being transferred by our snapmirrors. We also do not use data protection, but have manually created all the snapmirrors. The disaster recovery reports work, but the data protection transfer reports are all blank.

Is this just a matter of enabling data transfer log parsing? If so, how do we do this?

My support ticket went no where. The rep told me we need to engage professional services to write a custom report. Which does not seem right.


I think if someone can tell us how to add a field to a report we will be good to go.  There is apparently a "transKBs" field, but it's not intuitive or clear how to add this field to a report.


Hi Thomas et-al,

     The fields from dp-transfer * reports that I showed in my previous post cant be added as a column to any custom report.

All these reports are available only in Operations Manager or through cli as it is.

Hope this helps and clarifies.




Thanks Adai!  So, since you indicate that the field(s) cannot be added to a report in Operations Manager or through the cli, how can we use those field(s)?  Specifically, the transKB field which is the one I need.


Thanks Kevin and Adai!  As noted, the transfers are not under Operations Manager's control.  I think you have answered the question, i.e. that there isn't a built-in Ops Manager report for this.


Hi Thomas,

     I think there is some confusion. Operations Manager by default provides data transfer reports for all kinds of relationship namely

  1. Volume SnapMirror
  2. Qtree SnapMirror
  3. SnapVault
  4. Open System SnapVault

The built in report for item 1 is dp-transfer-mirror-* and for items 2 to 4 is dp-transfer-backup-*

The only requirements is that both source and destination controllers needs to be monitored by Operations Manager. It doesnt matter, if the schedules are manged by Operations Manager or SnapMirror.conf or any third party scheduler.




Thanks adai!  I have seen this one, however it doesn't include the details i am looking for, which is how much data was transferred.  It shows lag time, source/destination etc, but not the amount of data transferred.


Hi Thomas,

             Every report give this details.I am not sure what report you are referring to.

[root@vmlnx~]# dfm report view dp-transfer-mirror-individual help

DP Transfer Mirror, Individual Report (dp-transfer-mirror-individual)

DP Transfer Mirror, Individual


         objId                Relationship ID

         srcName              Source Name

         dstName              Destination Name

         status               Status

         transStart           Transfer Start

         transEnd             Transfer End

         transTimeSeconds     Duration

        transKBs             Bytes Transferred

         transRate            Transfer Rate /sec

Default sort order is +objId.




Thank you, that looks like what I am looking for!  I am not familiar with how to add a column to a report in Operations Manager.  What I am doing is choosing Reports, All from the menu, then choosing Mirrors under Disaster Recovery, clicking All SnapMirror Relationships, and Show.  I don't see a place for editing the columns.  Is there a way to edit them in Operations Manager?  If not, and I generate the report from the command line, does the report still show up in Operations Manager?  Thanks for the help!


Unified Manager can only track and reports data on transfers under its control. 


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