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Active IQ Unified Manager Discussions

Reset OC Unified Manager Incidents



i just physically disconnected a cable from a port that is not longer used on a FAS 8040 cDot system.

OCUM alerted "Port Status Down" - fine - monitoring works!


But now i tried to acknowledge the incident and also marked it as resolved - the alert was gone but popped up again after the next poll from OCUM againt the storage system.


Any idea to tell the system that its fine that the port is currently down and no longer state this - i know a reboot fixes that problem - but i really dont want to do this because of an monitoring issue


Thanks a lot for answers!





What do you need to reboot to fix the problem?


I haven't used e0M since I booted the controller but can't get OCUM to forget about this port. I have configured the port down on the controller without any result (network port modify -node * -port e0M -up-admin false).



Yes - on another node a reboot of the filer fixed the alert of the "down" port

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