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Resource pool provisioning policy ?



I looking information details about how PM make its secondary provisionning

I got information about how PM determine if a destination aggr is eligible  (The actual formula for calculating the Projected Size is to take the maximum of  ([1.2 times the Volume’s Total Size] or [2.0 times the Volume’s Used Size]) + 10%).

But I get any information on how PM selects a aggr among the eligible aggr list (when multiple aggr are passed successfully  the eligibility test) ?

Can someone give me this information

Thanks in advance

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Ce message a été modifié par : Christian Gajan  After some tests, I found that PM first fills the first aggregate before proceeding to the next  Is there some options to change this behavior to get something like loadbalancing between available aggragate in the resource pool ?  Thanks in advance Christian



We are coming up with a Getting started course on how this selection is done when more than one aggr is eligible.

Least-Utilized (only option prior to 5.1)

–Selects aggregates with most available space

–Margin can be tuned to select acceptable range

Best-Fit (new with 5.1)

–Selects aggregates with the least available free space that would fulfill the need

–Margin can be tuned to select acceptable range

¡Global setting to select preferred algorithm

  Manually resource selecting  ignores both algorithms

There are two phases namely space balancing and load balancing.

In space balancing phase we pick the aggr with largest free space( if least used criterion which is default)  and all those within 75% of its capacity. 

By this we come up with a set of aggr, and on this set we apply the space balancing like number of qtree or relationships.

In case of Best fit criterion we take the aggr that just fit and all those with in 1.75x its capacity and apply the load balancing.

In case of Primary provisioning the number of qtree is used and in case of secondary provisioning we use the number of relationships.

In the space balancing phase we select the aggr with largest free space and apply