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Rights needed for VM guest server monitoring


We are working to try and setup Insight Balance to monitor the in guest OS. (servers as it's listed in Balance)

I see how to add credentials and to specify a proxy server, but I cannot find in the documentation where it says what rights/roles are needed to monitor inside of the guest.

So for example, when setting up a credential for our Linux VM's, what right/role does that credential need in the guest OS?

While I'm sure you could give the credential root in Linux or local administrator in Windows, is there a specific role/rights that we can give it so that it doesn't need full root/admin rights?

If so, is this documented somewhere?


Re: Rights needed for VM guest server monitoring


Hi Drew,

This is documented in the Installation and Configuration Guide, under password authentication for Linux/UNIX servers. Have you configured the sudoers file on each of the Linux VMs? You need to add the Balance user to /etc/sudoers using the visudo command.

The following entries must be in your sudoers file, which can only be modified by running visudo as root. visudo can be found in /usr/local/sbin.

Defaults !env_reset

username hostname=NOPASSWD: /sbin/fdisk,/sbin/scsi_id,/lib/udev/scsi_id,/usr/local/bin/inq,/sbin/powermt,/usr/lib/vxvm/diag.d/vxdmpinq,/usr/lib/vxvm/diag.d/vxscsiinq,/usr/sbin/vxdisk,/sbin/dmsetup,/bin/mdadm,/sbin/lvm,/usr/local/bin/scsli,/opt/QLogic_Corporation/SANsurferCLI/scsli


  • username is the username for accessing the Linux/UNIX server.
  • hostname is the FQDN/IP of the Linux/UNIX server. The hostname can be ALL to allow a connection from any host. (ALL) after the “=” is the UID with which you are allowed to sudo.

The default locations are assumed for these utilities. To enable a password prompt, change NOPASSWD to PASSWD.

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Re: Rights needed for VM guest server monitoring



This is exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks for your help!

Not sure how I missed it in the configuration guide...


Re: Rights needed for VM guest server monitoring


Glad to hear it!


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