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Running custom script in Unified Manger 6.2


Is there a way to execute a custome script in Unified Manager when an Alert is triggered? Can a this be accomplished thru Workflow Automation (WFA)? if so, where can I find more details about executing scripts in Unified Manager?



OCUM 6.2 has 2 flavours of installation. 


2.Linux RPM installer on RedHat.


I Know for sure with the vAPP you cant do anything of the sort you are looking for as its a lockdown VM.

with Linux installer you should be able to, but not sure if OCUM offers cli to do some programming.


Are you trying to trigger, a WFA workflow based on a OCUM alert ? I dont think that is availabe today





That's exactly what I am trying to do, kickoff a WFA workflow when a UM Alert is triggered. Do you know if this functionality will be added in future releases?


Ideally should be, but not sure, when it would make it in the product. But shouldnt take a long time though.


Could you give some more details on what you are looking for how you plan to trigger the workflow, etc ?





Original requirement is to run a custom perl script whenever a defined Alert is triggered. The default notification mechanism in UM are email and SNMP notification. There is no option to run a custom script as a notification method. As an alternative, it would be nice to be able to leverage the WFA/UM integration to trigger a workflow when a specific Alert is generated.

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