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SNMP Configure OnCommand System Manager 3.1 on FAS2020 Ontap 7.3.7




I have the to discover snmp after configure SNMP. Even I tried both trap hosts with my windows IP where I installed Oncommand system manager and the IP of Ontap 7.3.7. Can someone please verify which host is correct one? what is the requirement for SNMP configure.





I could not figure out the actual isueftom your post. Did you get "No SNMP Response"?
if so, check KB ID 2022390. This is SNMP polling issue. SNMP traphost setting does not relate to this issue.


Hi YIshikawa,


Thank you so much for your reply. I can not access the link in your message 😞 


Anyway, I tried to run WireShark and see the SNMP package sent from a client to Netapp FAS2020 is fine, but when the Netapp respnsed, it's failed, and then to ssh to netapp and ping out to the client, but it's failed. Do you know anythig with it?





Sorry, access for this KB is restricted. Then, check following point and fix them.


1. Check if SNMP agent is enabled.

   filer> options snmp.enable

   If not, enable it by "options snmp.enable on"

2. Check if SNMP access is allowed.

   filer> options snmp.access

   If IP address of System Manager host is not listed, set it by "options snmp.access host=<IP address>"

3. Check filer's SNMP community name.

   filer> snmp community

   By default, "ro public" is displayed.
   If you have modified SNMP community name, you need to modify registration on System Manager.
   Edit C:\Users\<username>\NetApp\SystemManager\SystemManager.config and adjust snmp-community
   element under storage-system element.


Thank you so much for your help; it's fixed 🙂

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