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SQL Error on ESXi host data collection



I have a number of standalone ESXi hosts which are producing an error when OnCommand Balance attempts data collection on them, they are on two different versions ESXi 4.1.0 582267 and 5.1.0 1021289. The hosts are on the same subnet as the Balance server and they are added with no complaints so I assume it's not an issue with the connection between them. I've had a quick look around in the usual places and through the documentation but not been able to find an answer as to why this error is been produced, I've tried removing and adding them again a few times but the same error persists.

OTHER Collection Service failed to process discovery collection. PreparedStatementCallback; bad SQL grammar call syncRelationships(?, ?, ?) ; nested exception is com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Result consisted of more than one row

Any help with this would be much appreciated and apologies in advance if I've missed anything obvious.



Re: SQL Error on ESXi host data collection


If everything in the environment is configured OK, errors of this type may be transient, and resolve themselves after a few discovery cycles. However, this looks more like a persistent config issue, either with the ESXi servers, or the Balance config for these servers is confused. This may be due to things like duplicate host UUID on the servers, etc. If you delete the servers, Balance will consider the elements LOST after 7 days, and clean them up. This will take way too long.

There is not much more to troubleshoot through this forum. Please open a technical support case, they will triage and escalate to engineering as necessary.

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Re: SQL Error on ESXi host data collection


Thanks for the reply Peter, this appears to have resolved on its own after it was left to its self whilst I was away, I imagine since I had added and removed the servers a couple of times whilst trying to find the problem this might be why this occurred as you suggested.

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