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Seagate DKS2C-H2R0SS HDD - Latest firmware


We have received multiple Seagate ST32000444SS HDD model DKS2C-H2R0SS. We would like to confirm that those are NetApp HDD and determine if the firmware  is a Seagate one or a proprietary NetApp one and, in this that case, what would be the latest NetApp firmware available for this model.
Thank you in advance!




/dev/sg3 - DKS2C-H2R0SS - <snip> - SCSI
    Vendor ID: SEAGATE
    Model Number: DKS2C-H2R0SS    
    Serial Number: <snip>
    Firmware Revision: 5C05
    World Wide Name: <snip>
    Copyright: Copyright (c) 2010 Seagate All rights reserved
    Drive Capacity (TB/TiB): 2.00/1.82
    Temperature Data:
        Current Temperature (C): 28
        Highest Temperature (C): Not Reported
        Lowest Temperature (C): Not Reported
    Power On Time:  5 years 134 days 23 hours 8 minutes
    Power On Hours: 47039.13
    MaxLBA: 3907096671
    Native MaxLBA: Not Reported
    Logical Sector Size (B): 512
    Physical Sector Size (B): 512
    Sector Alignment: 0
    Rotation Rate (RPM): 7200
    Form Factor (inch): 3.5
    Last DST information:
        Time since last DST (hours): 107.13
        DST Status/Result: 0x7
        DST Test run: 0x2
        Error occurred at LBA: 433912322
    Long Drive Self Test Time:  1 minute
    Interface speed:
        Port 0 (Current Port)
            Max Speed (GB/s): 6.0
            Negotiated Speed (Gb/s): 3.0
        Port 1
            Max Speed (GB/s): 6.0
            Negotiated Speed (Gb/s): Not Reported
    Annualized Workload Rate (TB/yr): 0.41
    Total Bytes Read (TB): 1.54
    Total Bytes Written (GB): 672.45
    Encryption Support: Not Supported
    Cache Size (MiB): Not Reported
    Read Look-Ahead: Not Supported
    Write Cache: Disabled
    SMART Status: Unknown or Not Supported
    ATA Security Information: Not Supported
    Firmware Download Support: Full, Segmented
    Specifications Supported:

    Features Supported:
        Self Test
        Automatic Write Reassignment
        Automatic Read Reassignment
        Informational Exceptions [Mode 6]
        Translate Address
        Format Unit

    Features Supported:
        Self Test
        Automatic Write Reassignment [Enabled]
        Automatic Read Reassignment [Enabled]
        Power Conditions [Enabled]
        Informational Exceptions [Mode 6]
        Translate Address




Hi there,


The "DKS2C" part suggests to me that it is originally from a Hitachi AMS system, not a NetApp one.


As far as I can tell, we haven't used any ST32000444SS drives, but we have used ST32000544NSS* drives as one of the X306A/X294/X299 2TB SATA drives.


Hope this helps!