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SnapMirror Complete notifications in OCUM


We have a need to generate alerts to confirm whether scheduled SnapMirror transfers have been successful. Using OCUM 6.4 we have the ability to generate notifications for failed SnapMirror actions, but nothing for successful events. Is there a way to gave these notifications generated for what should be Informational events?






Re: SnapMirror Complete notifications in OCUM


Hmm, good one.   I don;t know that any event is generated when an update completes successfully. I don't even see anything in EMS for successful updates.


Another way to think of it though, is if you have your relationships and schedules all set up, and OCUM is alerting on lag threshold, that kind of solves the issue.  You will always know that your relationships are updating, unless you get an alert that lag time is out of whack.


not what you had asked, I know.  but maybe good enough to sell your boss on!

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