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SnapMirror Replication calculator or report?


So if your company is like mine, you purchased a Netapp, put it in your main site, and put another one in your DR site, and you have a WAN link in between that carries snapmirror (and presumably all sorts of other data).


Where can I get a report of how much data my filer is sending over the wire?  I've come up emtpy, other than using a spreadsheet to calculate that from volume snap delltas, and I'm sure that isn't reliable compared with how much data is actually being transmitted.


We have a mix of Operations Manager (for 7 mode systems) and Unified Manager (for CDOT systems), and I can't find a report to run that will tell me this information, which is critical for infrastructure planning.


Also, what is everyone's experience with snapmirror compression?  Whats the CPU hit after enabling it?  What is the bandwidth savings like? 


Your comments appreciated!






@mcgue created a PowerShell script to parse the SnapMirror log and report on this information.  You can find the script here.


Hope that helps!



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Been doing this since version 1.0 with PS toolkit.  Lasttransfersize.  



Someone was nice enough to share theirs..


Hi @mikesicarup


It might be overkill, but Harvest/Graphite/Grafana stack can do this nicely.  The Harvest data collector collects a ton of different metrics including in/out MBytes xfered on a port and lif basis and sends this to the Graphite time-series db.  Then Grafana dashboard viewer/builder accesses those metrics and displays them in pretty graphs.  So if you had the stack up and running all you would need to do is create a new graph panel using the sumSeries function with a list of all the metrics (in or out xfer lifs at a given site) you you will get a graph of the amount of traffic you are sending over the WAN per minute.  Ditto for the compression cost on CPU question; enable it and see what happens to the CPU util graph.


See this blog entry for more on the solution and how to setup:


Hope this helps!


Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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