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Snapdrive downgrade


I am upgrading my FAS 3270 filer running on 8.2P6 to 8.2.4P4  as per the interoperability matrix, i need to upgrade the snapdrive for windows version from existing 7.0.3 to 7.1.1.


Here i want to ask that prior to upgrade the snapdrive, can we backup the snapdrive configuration, if then what is the procedure and how we can use that to restore in case some




If some revert to the initial version (8.2P6 in my case) is required then i need to downgrade the snapdrive version to 7.0.3 again, so if some one can clerify me that downgrade procedure is


also the same as upgrade?




Thanks in advance.




Re: Snapdrive downgrade




If interoperability matrix says the version of Snapdrive goes well with Ontap version then it should be smooth and successful. As i have never faced issue with Snapdrive.


And regarding the downgrade or reverting back to old version is only through fresh installation as below. If you are still keen to know how to restore back the snapdrive config back on Old version open a case with Support they should be able to guide to backup which config files and registry files ..... Snapdrive_Latest.JPG





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